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måndag 20 juni 2016

Colorful Monday...........

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If you look really close, you´ll see the Swedish flag (blue and yellow) infront of the church
Klicka på bilden för att se i helskärm/Click on the photo to enlarge

8 kommentarer:

  1. The Yellow is barely there but it is there. Lots of beautiful trees there too Ulrika.

  2. I love the red house with the fence -so cheerful!
    Hope you know (in case you forgot) you can link this up with SEASONS too, because it's about any experience during the season?
    Hope to see you back there this week (before Wednesday night)! Have a happy week, Ulrika:)

  3. Great photo. I see the flag, but I love the red and how cozy this town looks to me.

  4. Hello Ulrika, The church is beautiful and the flag is there to remind of us how much we love our blue.
    Happy Blue Monday.

    1. Thank you, and I wish you the same!