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måndag 2 januari 2017

Foto tunes.........

"Long as I can see the light"

"Put a candle in the window
'Cause I feel I've got to move.
Though I'm going, going,
I'll be coming home soon,
'Long as I can see the light......

"Pack my bag and let's get moving,
'Cause I'm bound to drift a while.
When I'm gone, gone,
You don't have to worry long,
'Long as I can see the light.....

"Guess I've got that old trav'lin' bone,
'Cause this feeling won't leave me alone.
But I won't, won't be losing my way, no, no
'Long as I can see the light........

2 kommentarer:

  1. Ulrika, you can't go wrong with a CCR tune. Thanks for sharing this week, wishing you a Happy 2017. Please stop back again.

    1. Thank you Tom :)
      I wish you the same!