Summa sidvisningar

söndag 9 oktober 2016


Kllicka på bilden för att se i helskärm/Cllick on the photo to enlarge

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  1. Am always amazed at the Northern lights! Something we can only see in the USA in the Northern States, not where I live! So it's very special for me to see this, and thank you much for sharing all of these beautiful captures in Fall with SEASONS! Have a happy week, Ulrika!

    1. I´m pretty amazed as well :) It´s not something I see very often, but it makes me so happy everytime I can capture it :)
      Thank you Jeanette, and you´re welcome, my pleasure!

  2. Wow! The northern lights look fantastic! I have always wanted to see them for myself--maybe sometime! Your golden tree is a lovely sign of autumn.