Summa sidvisningar

söndag 16 april 2017

All seasons....

Well, we still have a lot of snow here in Sweden and the temperature is at minus during the nights.
The sun shows up once in awhile, but it´s cold outside.
I really longing for warm wheather now.
The spring is wery late this year, but hopefully we´ll get a long and warm summer and fall.

Happy easter!!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful photos! I hope it warms up for your soon.


  2. Hope you had a beautiful Easter, too, Ulrika! Sorry you are still waiting for the temperatures to get warmer. But I love the purple crocus and the white snow drops (in Dutch we call them snow bells). No matter what the weather is, you always manage to find the beauty in it, which is a great gift! Thank you for sharing your gift with the others at All Seasons! Wishing you a pleasant week:)